Science and art firsthand

DAILY 9:30 A.M. – 5 P.M.

K-12 Field Trips

Book an exciting, hands-on school program for your students! Field trips to the museum feature standards- and inquiry-based educational programming to engage your K-12 students.

Admission for school groups is $8.50 per person (students, teachers and chaperones), and includes:

  • Museum admission
  • 3D Daily Film (see Movie Showtimes)
  • Program (new STEAM options to come for 2017/2018)

If your school group is not an accredited curriculum-based school in session, refer to Group Visits.

Guided Programs

All Guided Programs (pdf) feature hands-on portions with artifacts and/or live animals, and are correlated to Colorado Academic Standards. Programs are 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the chosen program and your schedule.

New STEAM programs to come for 2017/2018

Teaching Trunks

Use one of our eight different teaching trunks (pdf), each with a unique wildlife or conservation theme that will enhance learning in your classroom. Trunk contents are designed to provide classroom teachers with engaging, hands-on activities that will supplement your curriculum

Teaching Trunks are available to check out (pdf) for a $15 fee for a two-week period. A $25 refundable deposit, per trunk, is required when picking up your trunk. A fee will be charged if the trunk is not returned by the due date, or if there is damage to the contents.