What is the CU South Denver Facility Use Policy?

The Facility Use Policy is a guiding document offering detail on how CU South Denver building and grounds can be used. 

Can CU student organizations meet at CU South Denver?

Yes, activities organized by a recognized student organization in good standing with its home campus (both at the time of scheduling and time of the meeting) are permitted. Typically registered student organizations must pay to access the rooms and catering. For more details and to schedule, call 303-315-9431.

Can CU South Denver students host fundraisers?

Yes, fundraisers are allowed, but they must be approved by the vice chancellor. After approval is given by the vice chancellor, student organizations will need to reserve the space and may be asked to pay to reserve the space. All monies collected must be deposited into a university account. For more details and to schedule, call 303-315-9431.

What kinds of activities are not allowed at CU South Denver?

A full list of prohibited activities can be found in the CU South Denver Facility Use Policy and include activities such as skateboarding, tailgating, chalking, climbing external structures on facility grounds, riding bicycles, scooters or other powered equipment on sidewalks and any other uses that present an unreasonable risk of injury or damage to person or property. The building may not be used in any manner that makes it appear, whether expressly or implicitly, that CU is endorsing a partisan, political, sectarian or religious position. In addition, there are certain types of activities called “gatherings,” which include things like demonstrations, parades, marches, or other events not initiated by or managed by CU South Denver staff. These events are allowed but require prior approval by the vice chancellor of CU South Denver, procedures for which are outlined in the CU South Denver Facility Use Policy.

What are the rules related to substance use at CU South Denver?

 A summary is listed here: Smoking or other tobacco use (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited inside the building and restricted in outdoor spaces. Alcohol is not permitted unless associated with a signed and approved event rental agreement for external entities or a request has gone through the appropriate university approval process for CU Denver entities as outlined in the Facility Use Policy. Marijuana is not permitted in the facility or on the property under any circumstances for any purpose. Full details related to substance use at CU South Denver are available in the Facility Use Policy, which may be obtained from the assistant vice chancellor for program operations or the student services coordinator. 

Are there any other rules to know about CU South Denver?


Solicitation by non-CU person or entity for money, petition signature, personal contact information; offering information about services or sales; and/or distributing literature, samples, or other tangible items anywhere on the property.

Rule- Not permitted except for at a gathering approved in accordance with Facility Use Policy.


Placing a sign, banner, flier, poster, announcement, or other type of document or material on any wall, door, kiosk, bulletin board, or other surface.

Rule- The vice chancellor will designate a location inside the building where general postings will be permitted without prior approval. Postings in outdoor spaces are not permitted. Additional rules apply per Facility Use Policy.


Rule- Posting or other distribution of commercial advertising is not permitted, unless pursuant to a contract, lease or license with CU or if initiated by CU South Denver staff.  Placement of unattended literature is not permitted unless initiated and approved by CU South Denver staff.

Free Speech Area

The area on the property found at:https://goo.gl/maps/ndhvB may be used by the public for discussion or public expressions without scheduling between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Rule- Anyone wishing to make use of the Free Speech Area must contact the CU South Denver Business Services Director about the use in order to help avoid conflicts with a previously scheduled gathering. Additional rules apply per the Facility Use Policy.


Animals owned by students or faculty.

Rule- Animals are not allowed inside CU South Denver unless they are service animals, or are owned and managed by CU South Denver. Pets are allowed on the grounds but must be on a six-foot leash, and owners must pick up after their pets.