Welcome to the Faculty Technology Resource page. Here you can find step by step instructions for using different technology at CU South Denver. We have Faculty from all four campuses, and some campus Faculty has a few extra steps for using our technology.

Contacting University of Colorado South Denver Help Desk

If there are any questions or problems with technology at CU South Denver, please contact the Help Desk at cusouthdenverhelpdesk@ucdenver.edu or 303-315-9477. CU South Denver IT will be onsite until 7 pm for night classes and available onsite during the weekend.

Classroom Technology

Our classrooms have leading technology installed to help provide the tools for an excellent learning experience. There are three classrooms that are optimized for video conference and distance learning which are N203, N204, and B101. All classrooms are configured to accommodate HDMI and VGA personal devices. If you have a device that you need to present that does not have HDMI or VGA, please bring an adapter that will work from the device to HDMI or VGA

Computer Lab

The computer lab is setup for CU students enrolled at CU South Denver. This computer lab is reserved for some classes, but all other times it is available for student use. Please check with the Welcome Desk at the main entrance for a schedule of the lab to know when it is reserved. There are a couple of computers available in the 2nd floor hallway outside of the classrooms that are reserved for student use only in the instance the computer lab is in use.

Faculty ID Badge

The CU South Denver ID badge is very important for Faculty to have with them at all times while at this location. This ID badge has access to the classrooms and computer labs which remained locked for everyone else. We have an online form that can be submitted ahead of time with your picture that you upload. This will allow us to print the badge before your arrival, so you can simply pick it up at the Welcome Desk. Please make sure to bring valid identification for verification on pickup.

Faculty Landing Zone

The Faculty landing zone is located in the basement at the Education Studio, room B10. There are six dedicated computers with a printer for Faculty. Across the hallway is a copier that can be used with your department copier code. If you are not sure what your copier code is, please email cusouthdenverhelpdesk@ucdenver.edu to obtain the code.

Lecture Capture

We have classrooms that are configured to be able to record lectures. There is different lecture technology used by home campuses, so please refer to this list for rooms that support capturing lectures:

  • Mediasite – N203, N204
  • Panopto – N203, N204, B101

University of Colorado Boulder

Please refer to the following guides if you are CU Boulder Faculty: